WFSFCS hindcast subsurface trajectories initially released at 600 m under the surface for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

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In response to the 4/20/10 explosion at the Macondo well we implemented a hindcast of oil spill trajectories from 4/20/10 to the present time. These are produced by tracking simulated, subsurface particles using the model derived velocity fields in time and space with new particles released every three hours to simulate a continual release of oil. The initial locations of drifters are at 600 m under the surface. The color is the sigma values of the particles. The sigma value represents the relative depth of the particle to the total depth at that location, i.e. sigma=0 corresponsing to surface, sigma=-0.5 corresponding to middle depth, and sigma=-1.0 corresponding to the bottom. The grey lines are the depth contours. Any comments or questions please contact with Drs. Weisberg or Zheng .


The nowcast/forecast system and other analyses/data are research products under development. No warranty is made, expressed or implied, regarding accuracy, or regarding the suitability for any particular application. All rights reserved University of South Florida. Copyright University of South Florida (5/7/2010).

Updated on May 11, 2006

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